What are Eco Tours?


"Ecotourism" is a growing business for the long-term management and care of the environment in protected areas worldwide.
It's not about driving maximum numbers of tourists to these locations. That's the easy part, there are 700 million travelers in the world annually and they generate $2.5 billion dollars a day.
"Ecotourism" is about to ensure that visitors travel responsibly, help protect the wildlife they are visiting and contribute to the well-being of local.

Ecotourism only works when it gets economic benefits to local people, supports conservation and reduces the human impact of travel. Ecological tourism needs the educated and active participation of tourists and the travel industry alike. Ecotours should involve every party from the visitor to the tour operator and airline, the hotel and the local labor force to agriculturists to individual conservationists.

We consider an EcoTour to be a trip that causes minimal impact to the environment and local people. The site is usually culturally and biologically diverse and attracts tourists who have a common interest in nature, wildlife and culture.

A fundamental element of an Eco-Tourbusiness ism is the education of environmental issues such as, the protection of natural resources or endangered species, usually relevant to the destination. This may be conducted through lectures, involvement in conservation projects or simply by learning from a knowledgeable ecotour guide.

By choosing to go on an Eco Tour you will be given a unique opportunity to learn and experience nature. In addition a greater awareness of environmental issues will be developed as well as learning practices that can be incorporated in to your daily life.

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